Hi Melissa, I think you could make fresh spinach work but I always use frozen-thawed. This is the best and easiest spinach artichoke recipe I’ve tried! Incase you missed it, one of my readers, Victoria, shared her very helpful review on that: “I have made this dip probably a half dozen times or more. Can I use caned Spinach instead of frozen or fresh? Lovely Alfredo flavors with vegetables. Thank you! *****. Thanks for sharing your fantastic review! I’ve actually never tried freezing it, but I know it refrigerates and reheats well for about 3 days (it was eaten before I could test any longer). This recipe has been around since 2012. They can be added at the very end – it won’t hurt it to add less 🙂. My husband said this is the BEST spinach artichoke dip he has ever had! Making this, I know the guys are going to LOVE it (and me too!). I have been using this recipe for a couple of years now. Will try and make cant wait!! Thank you for the great review! I purchase the baby spinach, chop it up, and just throw it in like the frozen. Planning to make this for a Christmas gathering. I also will be trying your meat sauce, croutons and dinner rolls. The heat causes it to wilt just enough. This easy, cheesy dip recipe is the perfect Super Bowl appetizer, but is also great on any holiday party menu. that’s not canned jalapenos that’s jalapeno sauce??? I made this again today. 🙂. The picture looks like sliced pickled ones. Turn it off when it gets hot and you can stir everything together easily. would this be ok made ahead of time, then warmed up? 🙂. Do i just freeze then thaw? Love the videos you’re so cute in them as you tap your counter! Thanks for sharing your great feedback with us. Thanks for sharing your great review! We made this tonight and it was fantastic!! IS. The Ingredients. As a result I held back on serving it thinking it would last long enough to carry me through. I made this last week and it was so good! Made it for my boyfriend and me this past weekend and just cut the recipe in half! Which garlic press do you use or recommend? If you put it into an oven-safe dish, you can cover with foil and keep it warm in the oven until ready to serve. Otherwise I would love to try this. I hope that helps. In this video, you’ll learn how to combine three simple ingredients to make a quick and easy baked dip recipe. Thanks for the great feedback, Becky! Thank you. Hi Jennie, are you possibly referencing a different recipe? Hi Liz! Just make sure the garlic is really fine and at least crushed, Use a micro plane. If you try it, let me know if the consistency changes once you will defrost it. I skipped the jalapeños, put the dip in a glass dish and added mozarella cheese and baked it in the oven! I’m so glad I decided to think out of the box. In a medium pot over medium heat, melt together 8oz cream cheese, 16 oz sour cream, 1 stick butter and 1.5-2 cups parmesan cheese, stirring frequently until melted and an even consistency. Spinach and Artichoke Dip reheats really well. for this Spinach Artichoke Dip, Will be fire roasting the jalapenos and using fresh spinach. Hi Fatema, I think that would work without artichoke and if you make it just a spinach dip but it would probably be good to add a little more spinach. Has anyone tried it that way? Megan, thank you for the wonderful review, I’m so happy to heat that 😀, How Many Total Net Carbs In This Looks So Good. Hi Julia, most of the kitchen tools and equipment that I use are listed here in our Amazon Shop. Hi do I use light sour cream or regular? The recipe is the same. That’s so great! Appetizers are the best way to start a party! We usually wash it before freezing so you don’t need to afterward. You’re welcome Terry! I have used fresh spinach and fresh grated Parmesan every time. I skipped out on the jalapeños and my parm wouldn’t melt all the way down however this is hands down the best spinach dip I’ve ever made, the garlic MADE this dip ….. 5/5. How much is one serving? It’s what pushes it over the top. Hi. Thinking would make it a little more salty as I like salt. Hi Veronica, the recipe will work too without jalapenos. That’s just awesome!! Lastly, stir in 2-3. I use anywhere from 6 to 10 ounces of fresh spinach; just depends on how much I have on hand. I didn’t have any jalapeños on hand but next time I’ll def add them 💕. If so, do the other ingredients need to be adjusted? Serve hot with chips or crackers or toasted baguettes. It is always a big hit at get togethers. I just made this last night and toasted some baguettes to go with it. It’s easier in my opinion because I hate squeezing out the frozen spinach block.”. Works great and so yummy! Sounds like you found a new favorite for potlucks! Hi Joan, the recipe pictured is a single recipe. I’m so glad to hear it! You can make a fresh spinach and artichoke dip. Isn’t it amazing! Super easy & delishious.Even good when cold.Will deffinetly make it again.Only thing I added was extra parmesean cheese & baked it for about 5-8 min long enough to melt the cheese. It’s amazing and I have gotten so many compliments on it. I subbed in marinated hearts though. I haven’t tested it in the freezer before but I know it refrigerates in the fridge for at least a week :). This spinach and artichoke dip recipe is too easy; just heating and mixing everything together. It is now my go to dish for potlucks, family/friends gatherings, etc. 5/5 without hesitation!! This helps dry the moisture out. My former co-worker Jason brought this to work years ago and it was so good that I immediately asked for the recipe as I was wolfing down the artichoke dip. DELICIOUS! 🤣. I use the juice from the jalapeños as well, (I’m from Texas). Thank you for sharing! You’re welcome Arlene! Hi Sara, I’ve transferred it to a slow cooker to keep it hot. Did I do something wrong? It's rich and creamy, perfeclty cheesey, loaded with spinach and artichokes and always a … Thank you for watching my videos, Pam. Natasha,I use 1/2 tsp of red pepper flakes instead of the Jalapenos.And equal parts of sour cream and mayonaise.I also use frozen artichoke hearts, more expensive but tastes so much better.I love your videos, and with this keeping us issue keeping us at home, you give me great ideas on what to cook!!! Hi I was wondering if this dip could be made in the slow cooker so it could be kept warm until we’re ready to refrigerate. I did add a can of chopped water chestnuts to it as well. This post may contain affiliate links. Spinach Artichoke Dip is irresistibly creamy and every bite is loaded with spinach and artichokes. This is the first place I came! I hope that is helpful to you Justin! Mahalo for sharing. Victoria that sounds so completely amazing stuffed in chicken breasts! Hi Angie, I honestly haven’t tried freezing spinach and artichoke dip so I’m not sure if it would still have that same nice creamy consistency. Hands down the best ever. Thank you! also, used full fat cream cheese and sour cream, because it’s my belief that new years resolutions don’t start until jan 2nd 😉. Stir in coarsely chopped artichoke hearts, drained diced jalapeños, and well-drained spinach. To make the dip, mix Parmesan cheese, spinach, and artichoke hearts in a bowl. This recipe is sooo good!! Would it be possible to make this in the slow cooker rather than on the stove top? Hi Shelly, we used 1 stick of butter for this recipe. I’m so happy you found a favorite on our blog! That might be a lifesaver for me this weekend lol. Spinach and Artichoke dip is our #1 party appetizer and it always disappears fast, plus homemade artichoke dip is so much better than any store-bought version. You’re very welcome!! I was just wondering what the purpose of a stick of butter is? Every single recipe I try is a keeper, tonight I tried your spinach artichoke dip for the first time for a party I was invited to. Hi Cynthia, I haven’t experimented with this one using fresh but one of my readers, Katy wrote in with the following review: ” I’ve made this with fresh spinach and it’s really good! What I meant to ask was can I use regular sour cream instead of light sour cream as listed in the recipe? This is our FAVORITE Appetizer recipe! The last time I made it When I went to get the artichokes from the pantry saw a can of water chestnut and thought I would try it in them. didn’t use the jalapenos, and only 12oz of artichokes, but it definitely turned out fantastic. I never change any of the ingredients, because honestly this is the best spinach artichoke dip that I have made. I’m glad you love the recipe Erica! 3:39. Ludmilla. I’m so glad you enjoyed that, Gina! Do you think this could be made the night before and then reheated the next day? You can make a fresh spinach and artichoke dip. I adjusted a few things like half the spinach (not a fan) a extra half cup of fresh grated parmesan and left out the jalepenos. I’m so happy you enjoyed it Tricia! DIP. This was pretty easy. How To Grow Oyster Mushrooms From Used Coffee Grounds Cheap And Easy - Part 1 - Duration: 11:19. I came back to Jamaica and tried to convince people that it was good. However, I used too much parmesan. Skipped the jalapenos, reduced the sour cream by half, and added some ground pepper and red pepper flakes. 😊, Hi Jenn, this would fill an 8×8 fairly well (depending on the depth of your dish). This spinach and artichoke dip recipe is too easy; just heating and mixing everything together. It’s easier in my opinion because I hate squeezing out the frozen spinach block.”. Spinach Artichoke Dip is irresistibly creamy and every bite is loaded with spinach and artichokes. Utterly awesome made I think today for my friends coming over for supper with cowboy caviar as well it’s amazing thx Tricia In the UK x. You’re welcome! You’re so welcome, Laura! Hi Kormal, the consistency will be a little different but it should work. Mix vigorously until combined and smooth. Hi Pamela, we have reheated leftovers many times and it works really well to reheat. If you enjoyed our Hot Shrimp Dip, or our creamy Buffalo Dip, you will love this! Thank you for sharing this keeper of a recipe with us! Learn more... Natasha's top tips to unleash your inner chef! Read my disclosure policy. Made the dip today & we loved it! I’m not allowed to bring anything else to work functions! My husband was so impressed (with just the video) he wanted me to double it (before ive even made it the first time). Going wine tasting this weekend. 16 ounces reduced fat cream cheese, cut into 1-inch pieces. This dip is amazing!! We are so happy you're here. Have you ever tried it with jarred roasted peppers? I hope that you love every recipe that you try! I am Natasha, the blogger behind Natasha's Kitchen (since 2009). I made the who thing in the crockpot and it came out the same as the stovetop. Enjoy!! Easy and delicious spinach artichoke dip recipe - Duration: 3:39. I made this recipe on my YT channel; I only used the spinach and omitted the jalapeños. Your recipe says a stick of butter (8 tablespoons), but your picture shows half a stick of butter. Can I ask where you bought it? I’m afraid the bacon won’t be crisp and the filling will run out if I try baking them. 1 garlic clove, finely chopped. Yes! I've always enjoyed hot spinach artichoke dip, but it always struck me as a little oily. If you click “Jump to recipe” button at the top of the post, it will take you to our printable recipe page and you can adjust how many servings you need there. I’m glad you like the recipe! The combination of spinach and artichokes in a cream sauce makes a popular dip, but did you know they make a great-tasting low-carb soup, too? DELICIOUS. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I’m so happy to hear that! In a medium pot over medium heat, melt together 8oz cream cheese, 16 oz sour cream, 1 stick butter and 1.5-2 cups parmesan cheese, stirring frequently until melted and an even consistency. You combine the ingredients, transfer to a baking dish, spinkle with parmesan, and refrigerate the dip for up to 1 day. This dip never lasts long at our house or any of the parties we take it to. Thank you so much for this. That’s just awesome! I can’t eat jalapenos. This spinach and artichoke dip is so good, you will want to lick the pot (hundreds of reviews agree!). I melted the butter, added the cream cheese, sour cream, and parmesan. You can completely make dip ahead, transfer to whatever dish you want to reheat it in (or leave it in the pot), let it cool to room temperature and refrigerate until ready to reheat and serve. Read my disclosure policy. We love making delicious and easy dips. Thanks for sharing your fantastic review! Position a rack in the center of the oven and heat the oven to 425°F. thanks for the recipes I have enjoyed the food I made though I didn’t take pics because I had no camera, I would like to have tacos with my ma’am but I don’t have the recipes think u. Hi Kevin! The heat causes it to wilt just enough.” I haven’t tried baking it only because it requires stirring to get the cream cheese dissolved and to blend everything. Thank you for sharing your wonderful review, wuauuuu, this is a very tasty dip with a lot of calories, very vey cochon. I’ve also baked it. Do you think you can freeze left over dip? The only thing I don’t understand is why your recipe calls for half of all the ingredients I use.. hmm… I decided to try a mayo-less version, and then raised the stakes even higher by excluding the sour cream as well. My daughter said I was a rock star ⭐️-this recipe is a keeper!! Hi Stacy, that little pot is from Cost Plus World Market but it was years ago that I purchased it so I’m not sure if they would still stock it. Thank you for sharing!! Oh my! Looks great can’t wait to try! can we use Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese instead of Parmesan cheese? It sounds like you have a new favorite, Donna! Hello Andy, you may view the nutrition facts when you click on “Jump to Recipe” and scroll down below. Thank you for your time and effort, your site is the first I check when I’m looking for something new! Thanks, That’s just awesome!! I’m happy to hear that you’ve been getting some great ideas on what to cook at home. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It has been a favorite among readers, friends, and family for years. Now, can I use this in my crock pot to cover chicken thighs with and cook all together? I found your blog while look for a Caesar dressing recipe. Stir in coarsely chopped artichoke hearts, your drained jalapenos and drained … the recipe calls for 1 stick (8tbsp) butter, but in the picture, it looks like a half a stick.