This diminishes my enjoyment of my “cigar time”. Intrigued by the African mystique? Ever seen a box-pressed Torpedo? It was the quite mild and yet flavorful Sumatra. As the name suggests, these wrappers are grown in Cameroon and also in the Central African Republic. Ultimately, the best cigars are created through careful blending of a variety of primings and tobacco types. Unlike some other Cameroon blends, the wrapper here seems better integrated with the rest of the blend: it adds an element of spice but maintains its neutrality. The most delicate cigar wrappers are “shade grown”: that is, grown under cloths that disperse the otherwise direct sunlight. Learn about those surprising similarities, and see our picks for the best red wine and cigar pairings. The Short Story celebrates that sweet graham cracker and cream Cameroon wrapper. “Heller, my grandfather, traveled to Africa in 1963 for the first time. Plus it’s a smaller leaf compared to other varieties. The wrapper for the Cameroon Cabinet from LFD is a toothy wrapper that is blended to perfection and allows this smoke to be one of the most flavorful ones under the LFD line. It had the bitter sweet nuances of a chocolate and the spicy herbal taste like cinnamon or nutmeg. I cut the cap with a guillotine cutter and the dry draw has some sweetness similar to the aroma of the foot. The natural wrapper on cigars provide a lighter taste. I happen to have three boxes of what I consider to be one of the all-time great Cameroon cigars – The La Unica Cameroon Series No. The Cameroon is my personal favorite non-Cuban wrapper, long regarded by many as the best wrapper leaf outside of Cuba. The characteristic that makes it so delicate is also what makes it difficult to roll. The Cameroon comes from the Central African country. Gary reviews the new Southern Draw Desert Rose Famous Exclusivo, a Toro made expressly for Famous Smoke Shop in a limited release. The fact that Cameroon wrappers are my favorites and some outstanding cigars have been left off your list felt like it gave me just cause to write. This blend has a li Call Us 267-251-1019 Medium in body, this is a real showboat with a head-turning aroma that issues an ultra-smooth and chewy smoke with a honey-like sweetness, plus notes of dark chocolate, cedar, nutmeg and other savory spices. Thanks! Possessing similar flavor characteristics to Cuban tobacco, Cameroon wrapper was originally used on some early Dominican-made cigars to give them a Cubanesque bouquet. German colonial rulers brought the first tobacco to Cameroon. Yet, despite its luxury-class quality, the No.3 is also surprisingly affordable. This cigar wrapper leaf is dark chocolate brown in color and offers an aromatic taste that is a favorite of our customers. A beautiful Cameroon wrapper filled with the finest filler tobacco and bound with I completely agree. Well, you have now. The Cameroon Wrapper is known for being thinner, milder and a great component in any cigar. It pairs beautifully with a good rum, too, which I’m sure Ernest Hemingway often enjoyed with his Cuban cigars. Located in the northwestern quadrant of the continent nestled between Nigeria to the north and the Republic of Congo to the south, Cameroon, like Ecuador, has an ideal climate for growing tobacco and a heavenly canopy of natural cloud cover for producing this toothy, yet delicate tobacco that, when perfectly aged, will entice a cigar lover’s palate with toasty notes of leather, pepper, and sweet wood. Because it’s handcrafted with both a toothy, top-grade African Cameroon wrapper and a Cameroon binder that envelop a well-balanced blend of hearty Nicaraguan and Colombian long-fillers. These original H. Upmanns featured a high quality Cameroon wrapper which contributed greatly to the brand’s notable taste. One: Cameroon wrapper, non-aromatic; torpedo Roam: Connecticut Shade wrapper, creamy taste with a light aroma Toast: Maduro wrapper, mild and sweet; rich tobacco notes Wafe: Sumatra wrapper, a super-thin, box-pressed smoke that’s big on flavor. And for the record, yeah— after resting for a couple weeks, they emerged every bit as enjoyable, nuanced, and flavorful as I remembered them to be. Or, if you enjoy your cigars mild, and have been relying on Conn. Here’s a cigar that really lives up to its name, and as the Arturo Fuente Cigars website says, “It takes a real master to make a true Perfecto cigar.” Yes, construction-wise, few figurados are made to this exacting standard, but it’s the smoke in this attractive-looking cigar loaded with perfectly-aged Dominican long-fillers that makes it one of the best African Cameroon-wrapped examples you’ll ever put to your lips. I’m glad the Vintage 2003 is on the list, but you missed the Decade Cameroon. Davis November 16th, 2012 . Slightly tweaked for extra body, see how this LE blend compares to the original Desert Rose – and discover some interesting peculiarities. A good Cameroon is never boring. The New World Cameroon Selection was a first for AJ Fernandez who, until now, had never used a Cameroon wrapper.  Working with his father, Ismael, they came up with a winner, and even got some very surprising results. 4 Robusto and its companion vitola, The La Unica Cameroon Series Torpedo. 4 Responses to “The Unsung Cigar Hero: the Cameroon Wrapper!”. Absolutely fantastic cigars. In Cameroon, cloud cover acts as a natural diffuser, eliminating the need for tenting (this is also true in Ecuador, another country known for its outstanding cigar wrapper tobacco.). By contrast, the CAO Cx2 has a highly textured complexion, and tremendous Cameroon flavor. An Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short story is a must have for your humidor. So, if you are like me, and need a change from the powerhouse ligero trend, I recommend any of the great Cameroons listed below. Most of us cut our teeth on Connecticut shade-grown cigars (claro). Flavors from a Maduro wrapper range from a chocolate taste to a peppery, spice taste. Don’t be fooled, the taste of Meerapfel Cameroon can never be imitated. So when he came out with the Vintage 2003 Cameroon, I picked up the Toro and never looked back. . L’Anniversaire close behind. Although it has the familiar sweetened cap, unlike most ACIDs, ACID One is non-aromatic. . The cigar picked up in a toasty taste in the middle but finished how it started. Africa, “the dark continent,” teeming with untold riches. Remember I noted above that some early Dominican cigars were rolled with Cameroon wrapper for its similarity to Cuban tobacco? Robusto (Cameroon) -Here it is! Instantly, they knew they had something special. Another highly-recommended cigar for new cigar smokers or vets who prefer milder cigars. Award-winning cigar-maker Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia blends several classic Coronas. Another excellent choice for new cigar smokers with a reasonable price, an enjoyable mix of flavors, and evocative aroma. I know they started making them in 1998 or ’99, but cannot recall when they stopped. I’m going to have to find all the previous wrapper articles. Tasty Cameroon wrapper. And this is where the Cameroon wrapper really excels. The Cameroon wrapper on this Dominican beauty provides a smooth and medium-bodied smoke. The Original Blend Cameroon 1903 gets its name from the country Cameroon, Africa, where its red and shiny wrapper was originally harvested (nowadays it is Cameroon seed grown in Ecuador). The cigar offers a perfect burn with a subtle spiciness plus tannin notes that naturally meld with the wrapper’s inherent spice and aroma properties. Very interesting review, I am going to smoke a Cameroon in the near future, I think I have, but can’t remember how long it has … Sometimes it’s good to get out of the neighborhood, and experience other cultures. This Oliva Serie G Torpedo is quite a stunner and looks more expensive than it is, too. And this has never been more evident than with the delicate flavor of the wrapper grown in the obscure African nation of Cameroon. I’ve been a fan of Rocky’s Vintage series since he released his 1990 & 1992 editions back in 2003. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Presented in elegant, eye-catching tubos, if you’re looking for something really different, or a great “special occasion cigar,” put the La Aurora Preferidos Platinum No.2 at the top of your list. Moreover, when rolled around the right balance of fillers and binders, Cameroon will impart more complexity to the blend. Each cigar is rolled in a smooth Cameroon wrapper which has a uniquely spicy taste. (They also come in cedar sleeves.) Gary Korb has been writing and editing content for since its debut in 2008. There’s a toasty aroma which has a hint of spice and … Unlike some Conn. A Cameroon cigar won’t win any beauty contests. Well, here’s a perfect example. It is also common for this wrapper to be a bit sweet. Under that specially-aged wrapper lies a core of Nicaraguan Habano-seed long-fillers for a creamy, medium-bodied smoke laced with well-balanced notes of earth, cedar, spice, and dark roasted coffee. Natural cigar wrappers are typically grown under a cheese cloth to protect the tobacco from the sun. There are a few different ways to look at this question. It is a medium strength cigar that features a Cameroon-seed wrapper that was grown in the Jamastran Valley in Honduras. But the challenges are well worth the extra effort. As a cigar-o-phile, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends of cigar tastes. Smoke it with you favorite pairing. For beginners who aren’t accustomed to the taste of cigars it would be best to begin with something mild and mellow. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Required fields are marked *, All content Copyright Cigar Reviews and Ratings at Cigar Inspector 2007-2015. I would only add one small piece of advice: Because African Cameroon wrapper tends to be quite delicate, I suggest storing them with their cellos on to avoid tearing them while rummaging through your humidor. Made with reddish-brown Cameroon wrappers from Africa and premium Nicaraguan long-fillers and binders. Mellow to medium-bodied in taste and box-pressed — this is one attractive, high-quality release. If you liked this article, please share your thoughts on your favorite Cameroon cigars by leaving a photo or comment. The LFD Cameroon Cabinet is a full-bodied cigar that is bound with tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and filled with tobaccos from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. This is the first smoke with a cameroon wrapper that I've tried, and I'm impressed. @tybaltknight Your email address will not be published. Nicely done! The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos selection was created in honor of the Fuente family patriarch, Don Carlos Fuente Sr., and is considered among the world’s most admired cigars. The RP vintage Cameroon is good. Compared to the beautifully golden color, and smooth texture of Conn. Why? the Camacho Select). I’m not sure I could define its flavor profile. Just FYI: Your link to the Oliva goes to the Serie G **MADURO** and not the Cameroon. Great any time of day, or try it after dinner with a fine Port or dark Rum. A graduate of the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, prior to his career in the cigar business, Gary worked in the music and video industry as a marketer and a publicist. An avid cigar smoker for over 30 years, during the past 12 years he has worked on the marketing side of the premium cigar business as a Sr. Copywriter, blogger, and cigar reviewer. The Robusto goes well with cafecito (espresso & sugar), or pairing it with a long-aged Bourbon, Single Malt Scotch, or dark Rum will bring out even more of its finer qualities. A glistening Cameroon wrapper leaf encapsulates a well-aged amalgam of Dominican long-fillers. For example I’ll start with the Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur Cameroon could bump almost any of those cigars, except for the AF Don Carlos, off list, in my humble opinion. A Nicaraguan Habano filler wrapped in an authentic African Cameroon wrapper, this beautiful stick provides notes of coffee, nuts and wood on the after taste. These days, Grade-1 Cameroon is one of the most expensive wrapper leaves, yet, although it is found in many cigars made by Partagas and Arturo Fuente cigars, premiums rolled with Cameroon wrapper are more … The construction is as good as it gets, and the core consists of vintage Dominican tobaccos that have been aged for 10 years, which is why they’re made in very limited quantity. Like a vicarious traveler, we can envisage exotic locales through the cigars we smoke. With the price of these sticks, they're great for everyday, and their top end taste make them good enough for special occassians also. The same is true of the La Flor Dominican Cameroon. The result is a smoke of “singular” proportions that pairs well with a glass of Pinot Noir, or a good Burgundy. So what to do with the "scraps"? Nicaragua is where we go for aggressive, spicy flavors; Honduras provides an element of richness; but lately, I’ve been “traveling” to the African nation whose tobacco bears its name. The Aladino Cameroon is a line extension of the popular Aladino brand, which is handmade at the JRE Tobacco Company factory in Honduras. Once we “get off the island”, a whole world of tobacco varieties opens up. After cigars are made, there are some leftover leaves left from shaping the tobacco leaves. Plus, AJ created a box-pressed Nicaraguan cigar for new cigar smokers seeking a Cameroon with more depth and flavor. Your email address will not be published. A whole new taste profile that might even trump the original. But the delicate Cameroon wrapper is not without its drawbacks. As for best Cameroon smokes, I highly recommend the Rocky Patel Vintage 2003. Climb aboard. The dark Cameroon wrapper is nearly flawless, with plenty of oils and tremendous sheen. I’m trying to determine the minimum age of this box. Finding that special blend of filler, binder, and wrapper (the three elements of cigar construction), is key to great cigar flavor. Later versions were not as good.). With a light brown, almost green hue, it’s a color void of richness. Azul 660 (Cameroon) -A beautiful Cameroon wrapper filled with the finest filler tobacco and bound with a strong Cuban seed binder. But I honestly feel that, in the case of the Cameroon leaf, uglier is better. The leaves of this plant have a unique “toothy” quality, which fortunately does not translate to the actual wrapper or its taste. You’ll also experience some interesting change-ups along the way. Here’s another historic Cuban cigar in a Dominican-made blend that I would compare to the Toraño 1916 above in terms of getting a good “feel” for the taste of African Cameroon wrapper. Perhaps it’s a matter of nice guys finishing last, but more ligero (the strongest tobacco leaves from the top of the plant), doesn’t always mean more flavor. Had a Nub 464BPT Cameroon the other day, very nice. Cameroon is the perfect place to grow cigar wrapper tobacco. Although the “official” opinion of the Cuban cigar industry is that cigar wrappers are mostly decorative, non-Cuban cigar smokers quickly learn that the wrapper adds a ton of flavor to any cigar. It’s this slow drying process that gives it a tan appearance. I would add the Carlos Torano 1916 Cam to your list. Best part is, you don't need to be an expert in either to enjoy both. Because of it’s size, these are some of the most affordable Cameroon wrappers that are available. Among them, an exquisite and flavorful tobacco leaf that imparts a sweet-spicy flavor and aroma to a fine cigar. The foot presents aromas of earth and pepper, with a sweetness of brown sugar on the finish. It may even inspire you to write the great American novel. Excellent article Gary,and you were even able to get a photo of Zarzecki smoking in it…………. So my question is: do you know when Newman/Fuente ceased production of the La Unica Cameroon Series? Made to the highest standards, this Dominican Cohiba is worthy of its name, and well worth a try, even for newer cigar smokers. ACID Cigars may not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for premium cigars with African Cameroon wrappers, but the ACID One comes with an additional surprise. This, in turn, makes for a thinner, more delicate tobacco leaf…one perfectly suited for the outer layer of a cigar. Cigar boxes are more than marketing – they are art, just like the cigars inside. In fact, it’s the only wrapper in the world that is grown in Cameroon. That wonderful Cameroon quality is something so distinct, that it makes an impression. For both newer and more experienced cigar smokers, I can’t recommend them highly enough. Maduro wrappers get their deeper, complex taste from an extra fermentation that the natural wrapper does not receive. Unfortunately, in 1995 at the height of the Cigar Boom, genuine African Cameroon wrappers became too difficult and costly to obtain and the H. Upmann brand was re-blended to feature the Indonesian wrapper still in use today. In the world of cigars, the African nation of Cameroon makes for a great cigar smoking adventure. Back then he loved Cameroon wrapper (he still does, by the way), and he spent a lot of time teaching me which tobaccos are the best for bringing out the Cameroon’s natural sweetness. Since its release, the New World Cameroon series has turned a lot of seasoned smokers on to Cameroon wrapper, many of whom avoided it for whatever reason. I’ve smoked some cigars that were billed as Cameroon, but were void of all the physical features (i.e. The great thing about non-Cuban cigars is that the variety seems to be endless. Arturo Fuente Brevas Royal Natural. We have a range of premium cigars in Cameroon wrappers known for their sweet, woody taste and smooth aroma. Cuban Cigar Deal of the Week: Cuban All-Star Sampler Pack - just $89 for 10 cigars! Visit our Cigar Shop Online Store and browse our excellent selection of Cigar and Tobacco products. This, in turn, makes for a thinner, more delicate tobacco leaf…one perfectly suited for the outer layer of a cigar. Although sun-grown wrappers are now popular, shade-grown has always had a loyal following. It has a toothy texture that can, in some cases, feel almost like sand paper. The Brazilian wrapper is usually dark, almost black and looks a bit dry.