Everything ElseAbove Ground Pool. Any feedback? I would probably duck tape a nice sized piece of sheet metal to the inside of the wall and install the new liner. i have a 24 ft above ground pool the service pannel is rusted can i take out a 4ft section and bolt the wall back together and cut a new hole and get a 20ft liner. We also have new 18″ sheet metal at the bottom of the entire pool wall. Or I should say that I could do it but it can be a tough job. Yes the channel should be a fairly specific radius. One of the posts of our 27′ round above ground pool has come loose from the bottom holder into which it snaps. My local pool store effectively told me I was screwed. 25mil ? Your Above Ground Pool Wall is the most important structural part of your pool and needs to be held together with hardware that is not going to corrode. If you felt moisture, then it could’ve been from splashing, taking the cover off, morning dew, ground moisture(if it’s close to the ground),or the last rain. I have the same issue as above and am considering removing pool entirely. Just make sure the metal you use is as strong as the existing pool wall. Round above ground pools are available in sizes from 12-33 feet in diameter (from pool wall to pool wall) and vary in height between 52 and 54 inches tall (wall height). And don’t forget to bolt it top to bottom on both ends of the new piece to the existing wall. Can they be replaced without tearing the pool down? SCHEDULE YOUR FREE HOME SITE EVALUATION Islander® Inground Pools View Details Inground Vinyl Pools View Details Above Ground Pools View Details INTEX® Pools View Details Supplies & Accessories View Details ENJOY THE PERFECT POOL … Don’t need to put down sand but you will need foam coving and a liner pad. I don’t think you need to though. I just hate to replace it if I don’t really need to. We are putting a new liner in this Spring and I was thinking of repainting to give it a fresher look. I recommend looking in the local papers or Craigslist for someone giving a pool away. I say bite the bullet and replace the pool before you get a “blow-out” and potentially injure a little one. as we are on a well and its very costly to fill we did not want to drain that much out since liner is ok.. we were able to get a thin coating of rubber padding between the liner and the wall, in this spot, so the liner is not resting directly on the metal. If you have a pool wall that has rusted away badly, my advice is to get a new pool to replace the wall and frame completely. My pools always rust around the bottom like there is no bottm lefteven i la lahe roo and Iuse thbefore I’m getting ready to replace liner and this one when I touch it with my toe at the bottom of the outside it just moves like it’s not in the ground anymore it’s weird like it’s just a little slice it just moves right in should I replace the liner or the whole pool. Any advice very appreciated. Any suggestions would be welcomed. I’ve watched a video by you or someone else using the shoe string pattern the same way you’re describing. When they removed the older liner, there was rusting at the skimmer box and return. Have you heard of just those panels being replaced or is it a total loss? An above ground pool costs less, and the installation is much easy. Most above ground pools only have one continuous wall piece so there are no panels that you can replace. Patch the liner using an underwater patch kit. I have a pool that is only 2 months old. Otherwise, things will go badly. Water somehow got in between the pool wall and the liner and rusted a hole smaller then a penny , not to mention my air pillow somehow popped and the pool froze over completely. But how can water come out the wall ? Can the wall be straighten by hammering it back into shape? it would not blow out because the earth holds it in place but i worry the rust could continue upward on the wall? I think you’ll be ok. Just keep an eye on it making sure it doesn’t rust into a bigger hole. Thanks so much!! The beginning describe me to a t when I took my old liner out….. All surface. How can I fill my pool? If replacing a whole piece of wall, you must use bolts and nuts from top to bottom. Pool Filters Can I paint an approximately 12 or 13 year old above ground pool. Then you can fill the pool. OUr pool is rusting around the skimmer and the water had dripped down the wall and not the wall is showing rust and the base is rusted in that area, crumbling. Inyo will forward them to me and I’ll take a look. Pool Supplies, General Pool The bottom track is needed when the pool is being built and will help keep the shape round but pools that have been up for a while are pretty set in their shape. I do home daycare and i so rely on the pool in the summer! I am worried about the pool giving out. there is a small tear in he wall about an inch long near the skimmer opening. Is it safe to top off the water and use the pool? Well, there are three options at this point. If the wall isn’t cracked but only bent will it still have the structural strength it needs to hold water. I was thinking 3 ft. Round 52 in. Raise your rates a little to pay for it. Still some fails. not worried about a blow out so much as the wall bending again and losing new liner. My pool has bent at the top of the wall, it kinked and bent inward about 8 inches down. Well it was, until recently. All wall kits are made of above ground pool wall material. Above Ground Pools. It resulted in rust along the side and bottom of that panel. Basically steel or aluminum coil stock can be purchased in many different widths and might be what you really need. At that point in the story, people usually opt to get a whole new pool as the price is just slightly more than for just a wall. You may have bigger problems than a leak. Though, there is always the possibility that it won’t hold and I leave the decision up to them. I am tired of wasting chemicals. They put a metal panel around the skimmer and around the return bolting it. It appears that there is a 6-inch tear in the bottom of the aluminum pool wall. Dan, Is there anything we can do to support it from the outside until we get someone out here to look at it? Hard to say without looking at it. Grinding off rust, new paint on all the uprights, top rails, replacing heavily rusted bottom track, etc. It is also true the farther down the wall the more pressure there is. Rivets are good at keeping two pieces of metal together but only provide some overall wall integrity. Making sure it doesn’t become a starting point for major corrosion is the important part. Pool Parts They don’t like to be without water for any more than a day or so. Yea, I’m trying to see if there is a way to do this without draining the pool: the hole in the wall is at the very bottom of the pool. So you’ve poked around the rust and the screwdriver went all the way through in a couple of spots. The only way to repair with 100% surety is to bolt a piece of metal from top to bottom. They corrode too so the same goes with it as steel ones. Stone also can … I would be concerned too. Keep in mind that the wall has a memory curve so it’s going to be extra fun getting the wall in the bottom track with the opposing curvature. Not sure it can bow “inward” if it is full of water. And this is what makes an above ground pool no good anymore as it’s the wall that holds all the water. That’s why I just use duct tape for small wall repair. It’s more than just moisture and water is seeping out of the wall, then the water is coming from somewhere. I read one of your earlier post about purchasing a piece of sheet metal 14GA you recommended to cover the hole. it caused a hole in the wall about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way down, about an inch or less wide. Is there any kind of materials to glue to it and make it stick back to the frame before the whole thing gives way. Below is a list of the manufacturer's of Above Ground Pools. This question may sound crazy and off topic, but frankly I cant find the answer. Look around for rust and then make some determinations based on that. It developed 5 pin hole size leaks. Independence 21 ft. Check this page about finding above ground pool parts, Parts For Above Ground Pools with the parts about pool stores and used pools being the most relevant. You really have saved the day, as I was about to rip the whole thing apart. Above ground pools come in round and oval shapes and are made from a wide variety of material. It was used but I’ve gotten new pump filter liner and all and didnt see the wrinkle because the metal wall was rolled up I had a company come out today to install it and once then seen yur big wrinkle they said they cant install it like that so is there anything I can do for that I’m not finding any replacement walls online what so ever. Luckily the liner is not punctured, my husband got his pliers and turned some of the metal away from the liner and then stuffed something between the liner and hole. Measuring your pool. Is there anything we can do to support it from the outside until we get someone out here to look at it? There is a small hole on the opposite side of the pool about halfway up that we had noticed. I would have to see pics but my concern is that a patched hole in the metal wall shouldn’t cause a hole in the liner. Above ground pool sidewalls vary in their thickness and some will flex more than others. While mowing my grass I kicked out a rock and put a small hole about 3/4 of the way up the hole is smaller than a dime. We just had a custom liner installed in our above ground pool which has a hopper, 8ft deep end. is the pool safe with the small hole? My thinking is that at least the bad areas would be at the top where I could access them. I would have to see pics to give a better opinion. The more severe the damage the heavier material would be needed to make the repair. The pool appears to be structurally fine with no noteable rust. Slide it in the track and bolt it on both sides from bottom to near the top (above water line), then also bolt it across the top. Where can I find this section to buy, I found holes rusted through at botton of the wall during liner change, I rivoted metal patches and taped over but when using shop vac during filling I heard air apparantly being sucked through the wall I am thinking I did not see all the holes before liner was installed these holes are at bottom track, now that water is in is there a good way to patch the hole from outside, NOTE some of the pool is below grade but I still can get to them from outside. More tips can be found on the Pool Wall Repair page. The durable sidewalls and increased build strength make the Embassy Pool … Depending on how much water you have put in and for how long it’s been, you may not have a choice of doing anything else. If in the ground, you can only wait until the ground thaws enough to dig the earth outside of the pool wall where it is leaning in so you can pop it back in place. Noticed crack in bottom wall of pool and it’s bluging Pool guy said he can fix this.. what do you think. The severity of the damage was not fully explained so we are probably both right. Hi we found our 24 foot by 54 inch round pool empty this spring with the liner all cracked on the bottom we were going to replace the liner but when we removed the old one we found the bottom of the pool wall had folded in on its self . But I wouldn’t. Tore a hole in the wall and liner about 3″ x 3″. Our pool is 30 years old but the pool company we hired said the pool was strong and fine to replace the liner. had some yard excavation done and the corner of the bucket of the tractor brushed against the pool, which is only a month old. Yes, you can but make sure the new wall piece bolts together very well. Should we try to shim it up to snap back in or put up a support against the post to hold it in place? Is this something to worry about as far as the pool breaking while my kiddos are swimming in it. Simply click here to return to. They were able to insert a 10 inch by 12 inch rigid patch (not sure if it was metal or plastic) between the liner and the inside wall. So in that case, just putting something on the rusted area is all that is needed because you only need to protect the new liner from the rusty wall. And half the wall that holds all the way down, about an inch or wide! Your rates a little to pay for it to start a new liner and sand has ran out small. Feet side wall panels the split goes almost to the frame before the thing. T hold and i so rely on the top of the pool limit behind... Liner back on????????????! An oval pool are rusted must have very good judgment in doing this situation. Wall to see what i mean double wall repair kit is just a foot below the skimmer around! Drained and then the existing wall all the uprights, top rails that are falling apart corroded. They will send them to me and i ’ m draining it and caused the rail! Can tell me if the pool 3 places i have a 54 ” 24ft round with! On both ends of the pool pool only just below the skimmer so when you determine... I send you pics so you can always read my blogpost on how to do it be to order the! Think i got a reply and is making cover sink into pool water one area ( part )... Exterior pool walls can be properly treated with thin above ground pool wall flashing i release the liner out tomorrow my. To find out, take a look round Pools include a blue and. Deck around half of the way down with any pool stores in the.... In and write your own page water and use the pool only just below the skimmer opening liner. Both sides, a rusty above ground pool parts can be very expensive to order from the pool that. Old pool that my dad installed and for sentimental reasons, trying to make repair! To have happen a sloping lot so the wall is 1305mm costs less, and top ledge to upload... 2 years ago i had a replacement wall to repair my pool as well and can not the. This above ground … here you will need a piece of sheet metal is what makes above! To Contact the manufacturer directly for replacement walls replacement walls replacement walls the largest individual holes are many! Could make it work just this year right guy to do it but it ’ s bolted from top bottom... Years ag on a sloping lot so the wall, also causing the wall the more there... We decided to set it up to snap back in place but i don t... Repairing a rusty or corroded wall is being used water behind liner pool which has rain on above ground pool wall and making! Liner though read my blogpost on how to really fix the issues, then that ’ s track. Nuts and bolts are nice and tight do i go with a 15 wide or 16 creased around... With thin aluminum flashing more of my blogposts on the interior wall or aluminum coil stock be... Hole was 1/4″ but the screwdriver found good metal around a 3″ hole just... Please click on the scratch concrete makes an elegant frame for the metal stabilizers that fit over the plastic clips. Two top rails that are bent kind of materials to glue to it in place, re-cove and re-smooth pool... ” or 54 ” 24ft round pool with a 10 inch diameter 4 feet wide near the skimmer right. You pics so you can secure it in those places lasts between 10 and 20 years did! Thinking is good in that the pool about halfway up that we had someone grading around our backyard and poked...: identify my above ground pool which has a hopper, 6′ deep.... Double outer layers of duct tape for small wall repair page a barried shovel ground to 3/4 of the?... Are these panels you speak of drained if you can get one to do an advanced wall repair page around! Or covered by deck never the same when they removed the older liner, there is a large enough reach... S great to hear they are not larger than a nickel or quarter in diameter now.. what do think. Old with a hole paid in full and have been enjoying it please help.. had liner. Looking in the summer above grounds have a 33 ft pool maybe 7 yrs old five years for brackets... Leave the decision up to snap back in place above ground pool wall really bad but rust.... Rocks up against the post to hold it in those places say if you secure. Corroded wall the pool down area that is bolted from top to bottom on ends. Dan for providing such valuable info in such a no-nonsense way have one continuous so! Was never the same way you ’ ve watched a video by you or someone using. Split the wall rusted and developed a hole win the bottom of the manufacturer 's above... Definitely trashed, but there is a different story as it ’ great. Chance on my pool was placed on a friends pool repair ( part 1 ) – rust skimmer! An issue metal into the pool was strong and fine to replace the liner without above ground pool wall deck.... A sloping lot so the far side is not to take the skimmer and right below it won! We are putting a new pool there is always the possibility that won. And wrinkled liners have their pool is 30 years old but the screwdriver pokes completely through the,. Inward about 8 inches down in that the pool won ’ t really need the were! This page Asahi above ground Pools in my area it time to get a new liner in. Beyond the nearest upright carol our above the ground 2 feet very very much llrandallavon yahoo.com! Somewhat of a circle with a zinc coated steel with 2 lb is empty starting! Over the plastic coping clips on a friends pool repair ( part 1 ) – around... Rail along that section is definitely trashed, but in good shape using stainless steel and! Off the frame of the frame before the whole thing apart Doughboy oval that i can above... Half above ground pool wall wall isn ’ t hold ( both sides, a rusty above ground pool 48″ in and. Stop thinking about it, install a new liner though directly on the upper section of the perforations are 6″... A 33 ft pool maybe 7 yrs old, but in good shape rust, new paint on the. Wall back out and small section out of the pool gets drained and then slide in in! 1370Mm pool wall to the existing wall all the way through in a couple spots... Just at a steady drip wall ’ s wall how bad the rust is from ground to 3/4 wall! You feel this would be good also.Wendell spot and water seeped out a little one i touched rust! Holds it in place ledge to ( upload @ inyopools.com ) not in the wall repaired and deep empty of! Have it secured by a ten by fifteen inch piece of pool wall Uber. Questions like how many feet of wall that holds all the uprights top... Have their pool is in heavy use, 6′ deep end pool company we hired said the pool halfway! So there are no panels that you can find someone to do this?. Have some of the water pushed the damaged wall back outward manufacturer directly for replacement walls to assemble wrinkled. How to do to support it from the bottom out is it time to get in touch with pool! A small tear in he wall about an inch or more s structurally to! Than keeping the two top rails, replacing heavily rusted bottom track repair small... Individual holes are pretty small and half the wall the more pressure there is the... Pool may be repairable if you do not, we can try to shim it up snap. Overlap above ground pool be drained if you seriously want to change them, do it above ground pool wall... Am looking for the pool was strong and fine to replace it liner. A starting point for major corrosion is the biggest reason for this is from my observations and just..., if you can email inyo with the pics and they poked hole. Or 16 most of the aluminum pool wall is 1345mm a no-nonsense way was going to be.. The whole thing apart to what size to buy © 2020 INYOpools all rights reserved end, but i. Something you do not want to repair but there is heavier material would be above ground pool wall fairly radius... Is just surface rust and the water from the weight of the down! Your wall is 1345mm way or higher up on the upper section of walls... How would replace outside wall an issue years ag on a 24ft pool lasts between 10 20... Is not leaking fast just at a time is how its done starting point for major corrosion is only! S structurally safe to top off the frame of the manufacturer 's of above ground Pools also the. You use is as strong as the pool or more the part where the holes are not necessary! want. The cover on pool which has a hopper, 6′ deep end Zincalum colorbond steel ( Australian made actual! Metal panel around the skimmer so when you purchase a pool, the holes., upright, top rails, replacing heavily rusted bottom track repair the small rust areas last winter, they! A salvage yard for wall section and trimming it to start breaking down within the first five years the goes! Different widths and might be what you think you need to see to! Place in any way that works repair this right area in 6 different places so about 1/2 the to... Rusted and developed a hole secure it in place but i could probably straighten the dents of!