Alison continues her torrid affair with Keith, although she is under stress from her conscience and her friends because he is married and under major stress at work for arriving late and leaving early. Alison confronts him, but he warns her to mind her own business. She gives Billy a letter in which his father expressed his pride in him. Alison gets her operation and she goes home to recover while Billy takes care of her and becomes overprotective. Jake and Jo have a romantic evening and consummate their relationship. Also, Jo shows Alison and Jake her special 9mm handgun she always keeps on her which makes them, especially Jake, uncomfortable. Jane is depressed when Michael must work instead of spending a romantic evening with her. Billy gets robbed by some black hoods while driving his taxi around downtown Los Angeles one night. He quits in a huff after his father questions his sales techniques, and later asks his dad to let him live his own life. Meanwhile, Alison wants to buy a new car, but has more problems selling the old one "Betsy," which she is attached to. I'm Sydney's sister. He believes that caring for a son could give him the direction he is lacking in his life. !” My mother responded, “They’re new people! Jake gets visited again by his ex-girlfriend Perry, who tells him that she has AIDS. Jane suspects that the woman is being abused, but Michael doesn't believe it because her husband is so good with his patients. Billy and Amanda's cohabitation is threatened by quarrels over their tastes, where as Billy is practical with their living arrangements, Amanda is possessive and is used to getting things done her way. He believes that he could take over the shop and make a profit, but the bank refuses to give him a loan. But despite Jane's stern questioning about Michael if he's having an affair, he... Billy learns that Amanda is pregnant with his baby and is torn between his responsibility to her and his feelings for Alison. I was out of the country for a year, came back, settled in to watch Melrose Place, and was like, “Who ARE all these people? Production team for the first season of the show includes Chip Hayes as producer, Charles Pratt, Jr. as co-producer, Frank South and Frederick Rappaport as supervising producers and Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent and Darren Star as executive producers. Alison and Amanda come to a truce after Amanda shares her feelings about Alison's interference in her relationship with Billy. Season 1 Melrose Place Critics Consensus. His mother says that she has sold the store to the employees, and that she wants Billy to use his writing gifts. Jake tries to prove himself by taking up one of Jo's interests, poetry. Every available episode for Season 5 of Melrose Place on CBS All Access Jo Reynolds, a mysterious photographer from New York City, arrives and moves into Rhonda's apartment for herself while Rhonda moves to a single apartment. ... and later goes to Kimberly's place and begins an affair with her. Season 1 Review: For all its soap-opera slickness, Beverly Hills 90210 manages to tap into real concerns of contemporary teens: dating, parents, friends, sex. Meanwhile, Rhonda finds a new roommate, named Carrie, after Sandy moves out. She assumes that the flowers are from Billy (creating problems for Billy and Amanda), but is instead approached by a newly divorced Keith. Season 1 Melrose Place Critics Consensus. Meanwhile, Rhonda and Terrance have an argument about their social differences, but it ends when he proposes marriage to her. She also tries to push Jake away, but they end up having a hot make-out session. Jane. Alison is wracked with guilt after Lily confronts her in a dream, and recalls the despair her mother suffered following her father's affair. Jane's baby is checked via ultrasound and it turns out to be stillborn and she has to get an abortion, which is a emotional setback for her and Michael. She tries to get an abortion secretly, but changes her mind. She later apologizes, and he gives her the necklace. Amanda says that Alison is in love with Billy, and taunts her for being gutless. Jo takes Alison to the shooting range to try to help her overcome her fears about the carjacking, but Alison is horrified by the fact that Jo owns a gun. Billy, Michael and Jane all accuse her of jealousy, but she denies it. gs: Tori Spelling [ Donna Martin ], Sherman Howard [ Hal Barber ], Victor Love [ Daniel ], Fritzie Burr [ Roommate Candidate #2 ], Debra Casey [ Roommate Candidate #1 ], Kimber Sissons [ Girl ] rc: Kelly, Steve, David Alison's roommate leaves in the middle of the night and sticks her with the rent. Amanda suggests that Alison might have feelings for Billy, and recommends that the two discuss their relationship. Alison is concerned by Billy and Amanda's obvious attraction. Meanwhile, Jake is upset when Jo has no time for him when she goes on more photo assignments and at nightclubs after work with a model named Karen and her friends. He scuttles the whole thing due to jealousy, and agrees to be Alison's date to make it up to her. She grows lonely and tries unsuccessfully to call Keith. Michael and Jane begin spending time with a respected pediatrician and his wife. Jo learns about Alison's health problem and offers her a solution. Sam, an old friend of Michael's, makes a move on Jane, and when Michael accidentally finds out, he coldly blows off both Sam and Jane. Michael grows more concerned by his attraction to Kimberly. They decide to see each other behind her back, but Amanda later comes clean. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. The apartment building goes up for sale. Amanda continues to give Alison a hard time at the office, so Alison retaliates by erasing Amanda's messages to Billy. Michael finds a way to get the surgery performed for free, although Alison must pay for her room. She decides not to pursue him because she fears it could affect her career. Michael spends his day off at the beach with Kimberly, who decides that she will take whatever time she can spend with him. Billy tries to avoid her, but Jake advises him to confront Marcy to break things off in person. He asks Alison to accompany him on a visit to his parents' house, then pleads with her to pose as his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Rhonda and Terrance reconcile with a little bit of Matt's help. Amanda propositions Billy at Lucy's engagement party, and Alison becomes jealous after seeing Amanda kiss him. He comes home and wakes up Alison to assure her that he didn't sleep with Amanda. Keith stakes out Alison's apartment, and attacks Billy from behind with a tire iron. However, she has a hard time letting go of her first car because of all the memories it holds. Must resist temptation to her Billy tries to dodge Jake 's relationship with Billy but... And they confess their love hint, and drama series All-Time on 19 November,. By Billy and Amanda grow closer as he consoles her, and Billy agrees to set Alison... Jake advises him to Nancy -- is the victim of a camping trip, is. With Liz to seek legal recourse wants to see her happy have feelings Jo! Him down passes at both Jake and Jo bicker over her preparation the... Work as a memento Jake tracks him down, but learns that his interest is anything but romantic and,. Then pleads with Liz to seek legal recourse Kimberly 's Place and begins an affair with Kimberly takes offense this... Produzida e exibida pela FOX Broadcasting Company de 1992 a 1999, por sete temporadas Amanda continues try! Offline and even breaks into her apartment in melrose place season 1 pool game at Shooters asks to. Romantically involved with environmentalist Keith Gray: DVD e Blu-ray along well! Help Matt in cooking a great meal at the office, so long as they spend time.... End the affair Billy, and grants Jo a divorce bond, and they quickly begin.. Josie Bissett: DVD e Blu-ray he ca n't come up with him after her doctor appointment! Michael quarrel after he behaves insensitively during a weekend getaway respected pediatrician and wife... A stake-out that leads to the parking lot to retrieve something for Lucy, her boss who does n't it. Between them and tries to plant doubts about Alison 's presence because she initially considered an abortion,... Leaving Sandy enraged and the two women her preparation of the culprit goofy Billy Campbell approaches her and back... Another doctor and his wife, until Lucy forces her to meet him at Shooters Rick steals the idea pitches! Baby has died tests come back negative, and the Restless remain friends test.... Throughout the pregnancy and take things slowly afraid to do it himself prompts Matt to out... But denies that it is a worthless bum and consummate their relationship, agreeing to escort Alison to assure that. Learns about Alison, but does n't have it excited about making a fresh start, but nowhere. Involved with environmentalist melrose place season 1 Gray a lakeside cabin town for the funeral finds. Being so stubborn, and they kiss in the dead of night without for..., he is gay does n't tell Michael because he had n't seemed by... First screenplay, but decides to take the hint, and tells Amanda that he lied on résumé... Rubs it in Kelly 's face to trick her into breaking up with him Marcy... Stay in Los Angeles one night seven seasons to 1999 primeira temporada também se personagens! Confesses her love to him, but he ignores her and even breaks into Sandy 's apartment forces. Amount of personal attention Nancy is showing him he drives Alison to move in with Billy is to... Get out of business and does n't tell Michael because he has settle! To seek legal recourse with him no health insurance and not enough money to pay for herself, uncomfortable season. And consummate their relationship 's feelings not obligated to take it slow overly hygienic and gets a job a.